The Bridge Inn

Hayley outside Bridge Inn - click for larger image

The Bridge Inn is a small pub in the English Lake District which serves great food and great local beer from the Jennings brewery (Steve particularly recommends "Snecklifter"). But its significance to us is down to something more than these attractions. Warning: a soppy story follows..!

In the summer of 2002, Steve and a few friends went camping and cycling in the lake district, camping at a small campsite situated right next to the Bridge Inn. While in the pub one evening, someone took Steve's photograph. It was this photograph that was later published to where Hayley saw Steve for the first time. So when Steve took Hayley to the pub for the first time, she even made him re-create the photograph! But enough of the soppiness...

The pub serves great home-cooked food and is especially popular with us for its dessert called an Etons Mess. This is a concoction of fresh strawberries, ice-cream, meringue and cream. It is heavenly!

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