Steve's Birthday Photo Gallery

These are a few of the pics we took over the weekend.

Click on a picture for a larger image.

Dinner in the bistro at The Bridge Inn

Steve receives a surprise birthday cake.

Hayley in the bistro.

Susan is amused in the bistro...

...and so is Thomas.

Steve and Dave enjoy a glass of Macallan at the campsite.

Sunny Saturday morning on the campsite.

A game of 3-a-side footy is about to kick off.

Mini steam train at Ravenglass station.

Hayley and Susan.


Julia and Mini.

Susan enjoying an ice lolly.

Hayley enjoying the train ride.





Hayley on the road through Eskdale valley.

Steve in the evening sunshine.

Sheep were a frequent sight on our rides. These had particularly curly horns.

Hayley fell off her bike in this river and got a few nasty bruises. But it gave us chance to wash the bikes.

Our favourite bench on the path between our guest house and the local pub (The King George).

Steve with Eskdale valley in background.

One of the many beautiful spots on our ride around Eskdale.

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