Robinsons Brewery Tour

Hayley at Brewery

Robinsons is our local brewer of beer here in Stockport. It brews some fine beers, including its famous "Old Tom" which at 8.4% alcohol is classed as a barley wine.

We were fortunate enough to have a guided tour of the brewery, but not before we had put on special clothing to make sure we met hygiene standards (see picture above). The tour was followed by a buffet in the on-site bar, where we were invited to try as many of the different beers as we pleased for about an hour.... and all of them for free!!!

Hayley tried Hatters while Steve tried Unicorn, Double Hop and Kick-Off. The latter is one of Robinson's 6 seasonal beers, each brewed and sold only for two months of the year. This one is named in celebration of the start of the football season, presumably because Robinson's sponsor Stockport County FC.

There are a few photos from our evening here.

Fermentation bubbles

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