Robinsons Brewery Tour (October 2004)

Here are a few pictures from our tour of the brewery.

Click on a picture to see a larger image.

Hayley dons her protective white coat.

Steve looking like a poorly costumed extra in Oliver.

Hayley sitting on sacks of malt. We got to taste it and found it bitter then sweet as it warms in your mouth.

A grist case that receives the grist from the mill immediately above.

Large drum from the outside...

...and on the inside.


Hayley inspects the interior of one of the copper "kettles".

The fermentaion room. Here we see 6 feet of head on the fermenting beer! As it fermented it bubbled gently, like something out of an old sci-fi movie.

Some of the yeast is kept and re-used. The same strain has been in use here for 70 years!

In the fermentation room at the end of the tour.

After the tour it's back to the bar.

Steve starts on the buffet.

Steve choosing a beer from the menu.

Steve sampling a pint of "Kick Off".

The staff who were informative and helpful... and served us some fabulous beer!

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