Rivington Pike - Good Friday 2005

On Good Friday we followed a local tradition and walked up Rivington Pike (below left). In Lancashire, where Steve grew up, it's traditional to walk to the top of this hill on Good Friday and many people did so again this year. Some also say it brings good luck if you touch all 4 sides of the beacon (below right) at the summit.

At the back of the hill, on the rough and broken road up to the Pike, a selection of stalls appear for one day only, selling food, tacky gifts and providing entertainment in the form of funfair games with cuddly toys as prizes. It ain't classy, but it is fun!

Despite being 17 weeks pregnant, Hayley was determined to make it to the top. She walked up while Steve rode his bike from further down the hill and caught up with her at the top.

To see some of the photos from the day click here.

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