Christmas 2003 Photo Gallery

A few photos from Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

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Hayley tries on her new cycling jacket.

Hayley dons her Mrs Claus outfit to surprise Ju and family on Christmas Day.

Steve attempts to get Santa's beard in order for the surprise.

Mr and Mrs Claus get smoochy.

Julia and Rob reading the label on Steve and Hayley's Christmas Cracker CD.

Julia preparing Christmas dinner.

Christmas Day dinner at Julia's...

...complete with crackers.

Hayley enjoys her Baileys and coffee.

Post meal dancing.

Rob playing Tom's new buzzer game.

Nin gets a surprise visit from Santa.

Nin is delighted that Mrs Claus has arrived too.

Elaine and Del.

Steve and Charles.

Vaughan and Rob.

Elaine and Jesse.

Steve and Ju.

Mini (relaxing).

Boxing Day. Seconds away, round two...!

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