New Year's Eve 2003

We spent New Year's Eve with David and Susan Biddle in Baycliff, South Lakes. Their local pub, the Farmer's Arms, is only a 10 second walk from their front door, so it made the ideal venue.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) our camera was low on batteries so only a few of the revelries were captured. We didn't even get the piper who came in at full volume and in full regalia.

Click on a picture to see it full size.

Steve raises a glass. The first of many.

Hayley was queen of the pool table.

The locals discuss the benefits of a pub 10 yards from your door (like the baby listener working at the bar!).

Susan (who was still going strong at 3am when the rest of us were flagging).

Landlord and landlady (beyond Dave and his, erm, itchy nose).

Steve plays his cards right. (2 cards later it all went wrong.)

I'm not even going to start to try to explain this!

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