Oliver's Christening


A copy of the invitation (minus Oliver's picture, for a quicker download) is here.

Directions to the church

There is a map showing the location of the church here (circled in red).

It is on St John's Road which is off Didsbury Road (A5145). The church is set back about 100 metres from Didsbury Road up a cobbled road and is fairly easy to spot with a tall tower.

Directions to The Blue Cat Cafe

There is a map showing the approximate location of The Blue Cat Cafe on Shaw Road here (circled in red).

To get to The Blue Cat Cafe from the church:

From the church, turn left onto Didsbury Road (A5145). Follow Didsbury Road up the hill through a junction with traffic lights and carry on to a second set of lights, staying in the left hand lane. At this junction (where the road ahead goes downhill and there is a residential road on the right) turn left onto Bank Hall Road. Follow this road to a junction with traffic lights. Go straight ahead past shops on left (Somerfield, Tesco) and right. Proceed for about another half a mile through a less commercial, more leafy area until reaching Shaw Road on the left just before more shops. The Blue Cat is in the row of shops and eateries on the left.

Parking close to the Blue Cat can be a bit tricky. If there are no spaces in front of the Blue Cat, there is a car park (for about half a dozen cars) behind the Heaton's Tandoori restaurant (at the end of the row of shops on the left). Otherwise it will have to be one of the side roads.

Local Hotels

Information about local hotels is here.

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