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To download a file from this page, Right click on its link, select "Save Target As..." then save the file to your computer. (Make sure you know where you saved it!)



TightVNC is a free piece of software that lets someone remotely take control of your computer. What they see on their screen is what you see on yours. They control your mouse and enter text as if they were at your keyboard. For more details see their website (


Right-click this link to download the software. TightVNC software (945KB)

Once you have downloaded the file (which is called tightvnc-1.2.9-setup.exe) open it (double click, or right click then Open). You will get a warning that the publisher of the software is unknown. Ignore this and click Run. Follow the instructions on screen accepting all the default options. This will install the software onto your computer.

Running the program

Once it is installed go to the Start button and select Start > (All) Programs > TightVNC > Launch TightVNC Server. As this is the first time you have run the program the "Current User Properties" window should open. (On subsequent occasions a small icon with a V in it should appear in the system tray - bottom right of screen next to the clock - and the properties can be accessed by right-clicking on the icon and selecting Properties.) In the "Current User Properties" window, delete the passwords that show as asterisks in the two Password boxes at the top left of the window and replace them with a password (or passwords) of your own choice (typing carefully!). (You can use the same password in both boxes if you like.) Then click OK. Tight VNC is now installed and running on your PC.

Before someone can take control of your PC, they need to know the internet address (or "IP address") of your computer. To find this for them click here (or go to in Internet Explorer). The IP address should be displayed in the window that opens. This address is unique to your computer and is the address used by all other computers to send things to you. Make a note of it (including the dots.)

Once you give someone your IP address and password(s) they can log into your computer and take control of it for you.

One last note: each time you connect to your Internet Service Provider (via your ADSL line or dial-up connection) you will (usually) get a different IP address from the previous time. So in practice the IP address that works one day will not work the next day if you have turned off your computer overnight. You will need to find it again as described above and also here.

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