IP address check

NOTE: These ways to find your IP address will work fine if you just have one PC connected to the internet using a dial-up modem or ADSL modem. It will NOT work if you are using a router, e.g. if you have several PCs in the house all connecting to the internet via one box.

The simplest way to find your IP address is to go to www.whatsmyip.org.

If you want to double check that you have the right IP address try this. Go to the Start button and select Start >  Run. In the box that appears type the word cmd then click OK (or hit return). In the window that appears type ipconfig and hit return (or enter). You will see a screen of scary text but don't panic! Look for a line near the top that starts with IP address . . . . : followed by a number with dots in it. This number is your internet address (or IP address).