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This page is for our friends and family who ring me and say "There's something wrong with my computer". It will provide tips and tools to help me help you.

One-to-one assistance

I can remotely take control of your computer to make changes for you. This saves endless hours on the phone attempting to get someone to press the right button on a screen I can't see. I can do this thanks to a tool called TightVNC which you will need to install. You can download it from our website by clicking here and following the instructions. Alternatively you can visit the TightVNC website.

What does it cost?

I do not charge for helpdesk assistance. However, if you are a satisfied customer you may like to consider how much Tiny/Time/Dell charge for assistance and make a small donation to my PayPal account using the button below. All donations go towards our Oliver's First Computer Fund. :-)

PC Security Tools

There are a number of tools that I use to keep my PC running. You might like to consider using them too. There are links to them below.

ZoneLabs Security Suite

This is available from ZoneLabs at www.zonelabs.com. It provides a firewall, anti-virus protection, personal identity protection and other features. It costs around 30 pounds from the site but you may want to consider buying one on CD from eBay, where it will be cheaper and if your PC ever crashes you can re-install it easily.


Winpatrol is avialable from www.winpatrol.com. This handy little utility tells you when new software is detected on your PC and checks that you really want it to run. It will also tell you what programs run when your computer starts up and let you disable them if you wish. WinPatrol is free in its basic form. For a one-off fee you can get the full version that will tell you much more about the programs running on your PC to help you decide whether to disable them or not.


This program tells you what advertising and spyware programs are running on your PC and helps you to remove them. It is free for non-commercial use and available here.


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